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Caravan of Dreams – New York, NY

05 December 2014

The most satisfied I’ve been in a while from a meal, on all accounts; clean feeling, fresh flavor & combo of macronutrients…? Caravan of Dreams These raw, organic and vegan dishes will have you wondering what you’ve been eating all your life! What did I spring for? (Raw) Quesadilla $19 ~ Flax tortilla vegetable-Brazil nut filling,…

4.3 miles walked = 3 miles ran

02 December 2014

New Yorkers know better than anyone that walking does a body good but just how good compared to the Angelino’s who get in their cardio at Equinox on the treadmill? We loved this article from MSNBC Fitness News, it explains just why walking is just as good as running in most cases. “A person would need to walk 4.3…

6 Tips for a 6 Pack by: Andrew Speer CSCS, RKC

01 December 2014

 SohoStrengthLab,  182 Mulberry St. New York, NY – August 21, 2013 - www.sohostrengthlab.com Everyone wants a lean, defined stomach.  Turning your midsection from soft to six pack can be a daunting task. These are my 6 tips for a 6 pack. One thing you will notice is that I don’t mention one ab exercise, well actually…

Go Gluten Free with Udi’s

20 November 2014

(Salt Lake City, UT – January 23)   Newly Gluten-free? Or thinking about it? Udi’s is a newcomer friendly brand proving that gluten free living doesn’t have to lack in taste or experience. We noshed on their flavorful light bites to keep us nourished amidst the Sundance mayhem. Check out their “Newly Gluten Free Blog”…

The Hot Couple Workout #bodybyjam

01 November 2014

Wednesdays for me start with Steven and Bonnie, a couple who came to me seeking training sessions together as an anniversary gift before the big bash this summer. During the month of March one of us will be unavailable each hump day so I’ve made them a couple’s program to do at home, at Equinox…

Volleyball Games Meet Up – Santa Monica

12 October 2014

You’ve walked by the group of people playing volleyball enough, it’s your turn to play! I recently checked out a group that I totally recommend. Everyone was very friendly and supportive, they made it easy to have a great time. The group meets every Saturday at 9am across from Patrick’s Roadhouse see more details here. Volleyball…

The Thermogenic Diet

12 October 2014

Back by popular demand, a plan that has helped dozens of my clients succeed. Whether you have 1 week to shape up before a big day or simply need something to kick start your ‘end of summer slim down’, this is a GREAT idea for you. Get creative with the list of foods provided here….

Best Motivators and Clean Eaters To Follow #healthies

09 October 2014

Social media is proving to be a primary influencer to people’s diet and exercise motivation. Some say that scrolling their news feed makes them “depressed” or “discouraged”. We have found that it’s all about following the right, like-minded motivators and clean eaters. More time should be spent living in the present moment than on instagram but…

Madonna’s Hard Candy Workout

01 October 2014

   CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO OF ALL MOVES! This workout was created by Madonna’s Trainer, Nicole Winnoffer of Hard candy Fitness for fitness magazine as demonstrated here by bodybyjam aka Jam Murphy Jason Todd Focus T25® Workout 25 Minutes A Day, 5 Days A Week, 100% Results! Order Focus T25 Now. www.beachbody.com/FocusT25 Ads by…

6 Day “Carb-cycle” Plan #bodybyjam

13 September 2014

I’m bloated, lethargic and pale from cookies, chips and bottles of wine &  6 days away from being in a swimsuit for SELF magazine. What do I do? “Carb-cycling”.  It’s something I grabbed out of my Ma’s secret arsenal of good tricks to shape up quick years ago. This method is actually the foundation of…

Best Uptown Yoga

02 September 2014

Pure Yoga, located on 77th and Amsterdam (UWS) and 86th and 3rd (UES), gets our vote for Best Uptown Yoga. Regulars look forward to coming back to an environment that feels good and provides space to relax (literally! You don’t feel crowded like most NYC joints). Depending on the type of membership you want, it…

Shape Up Shortcuts

11 August 2014

Women’s Health Magazine Editor, Jen Ator (and Mentor to LiveFit’s – Jam Murphy) has announced the release of her book #ShapeUpShortcuts !!! BUY NOW Here you’ll find plenty of ways to implement improvements to your lifestyle simply like healthy grabs on the go and exercises to sneak at your desk!

And the Winner is… Soda Stream

31 January 2014

There is no denying that the Budweiser commercial this year was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. However, our winner for best Super Bowl commercial has to go to Soda Stream. We are looking for the best in health and fitness after all. Soda Stream also nailed the inspiration part, providing some serious…